Monday, August 29, 2011

Internet Safty Story

   My name is Anna, and this is the time when I was just 15 years old living in Denver, Colorado. I went behind my best friends Sofia's back. It was a normal Friday and I planned to go to my my other friend Robins house after school. I planned riding the bus home with her. I was excited to go to robins house but it wouldn't be the same, because Sofia and I spend every weekend together except for this one.When we got to Robins house she wanted to check her Facebook so she did. When she got off the computer she to me, "I've got a great idea". "Well what is it", I answered back, "Well you know how you know Sofia's password well we should like get on her profile and like write about all her embarrassing secrets". I ended up telling her NO! because it was just hateful and mean, but if I didn't do it Robin promised to tell the whole school about all of my embarrassing moments. So i did it.
       That night I could not fall asleep because I regretted everything I did.When I went back to school on that Monday I could tell by the look on Sofia's face she knew what I had done. Finally it was lunch time I tried siting down with Sofia but when I sat down she got up. When I tried to tell her Robin pressured me into doing it she would ignore me. That night at soccer practice she actually let me talk to her, and I told her everything and how Robin pressured me into doing it. luckily she forgave me and we are still best friends.So that the end of my story!


  1. It's a great story!
    It really explains how you shouldn't share your password.
    I think you also work on your punctuation. Other than that, I really liked it.

  2. This is a great story Anna!
    It really says why you shouldn't share your passwords with others.
    But I think you should work on punctuation and some of your words are missing letters, but don't worry i do it all the time too.

  3. Anna your story was great!
    You should work on punctuation and spelling. :)