Friday, September 2, 2011

Science Project

   Original Methodology
Step:1. Gather all materials

Step:2. Put soil in both cups
Step:3. Put one bean in each cup
Step:4. Poor water into one cup and koolaide into the other
Step:5. Place in the sun
Step:6. Water daily
Step:7.  Repeat everyday for 3 weeks
Step:8.  Record data

   Revised Methodology
Step:1. Gather all materials
Step:2. Make sure both beans look,weigh, and fell the same
Step:3. Put 29.9 ounces of soil in both cups
Step:4. Put the beans a centimeter in both cups  
Step5. Pour 10mL of water in each cup
Step:6. Do the same thing but use koolaide instead of  water
Step:7. Record data
Step8. Place the cups in the sun
Step9. Water daily
Step:10. Record everyday to see witch one is growing more than the other

I had to change my methodology because I was not very organized or specific as I should of been.

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